On Wednesday, May 23rd you will have an opportunity to participate in a conference led by your child. It is not a typical Parent/Teacher conference as students will do most of the talking and reflecting on their progress this year.  

Our conferences will be held in your child’s classroom. They involve approximately ten (10) students and their parents simultaneously. We ask for families to be on time as the conferences will begin promptly at their start time.


  • Welcome Meeting (following our responsive classroom model featured every day in class)
  • Student Portfolio Sharing
  • Studen1-Led Conference Reflection!

Student-Led Conferences will allow children to show their development in key areas throughout the course of this academic year. The conference is a time to celebrate and acknowledge their achievements while they take an active and meaningful role in their own learning. We hope this conference will be a positive learning experience for both you and your child.  

Please note:

  • You can ONLY register for ONE
  • Due to limited amount of space in classrooms, only the student and parent/guardian are requested to attend. If you have other children that attend PS 59, we will have a separate location available for the children who attend PS 59 to stay while you are attending your child’s conference. Space is limited so please RSVP to reserve a spot: theharborviewschool.org/Childcare
  • Please arrive ON TIME, the conferences will begin with a welcome greeting that the students will be participating in.
  • This is a time for you and your child to reflect on their learning, if you wish to have a discussion with your child’s teacher please reach out to them and schedule for another time.


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