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  • School Closed: Monday, May 2nd in observance of Eid Al-Fitr
  • Eyes on Education visited our school on April 28th, they were unable to see all the children. They will be returning in June to complete the exams. 
  • Smile NY Dentists will be returning to our school on May 12th to complete dental exams. You can sign up online at: https://www.myschooldentist.com/32197_schsrmOpens in a new browser tab
  • Summer Rising 2022: Registration is open https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/summer 
  • Elections: Nominations are Open! The HVS PTA needs your energy and ideas! Nominate yourself or a friend for the 2022-2023 PTA Executive Board, Title 1 PAC or SLT. (https://tinyurl.com/ps59elections22-23 )
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2nd – 6th), we are asking P.S. 59 families to help recognize and celebrate all the hard work and dedication of our teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff. On Thursday, May 5th the PS 59 PTA will host a Staff Appreciation Lunch for our amazing teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff. If you would like to contribute beverages (bottled water, seltzer, juices), snacks or desserts for this occasion, please drop them off to the main office by 9:00 am on Thursday, May 5th. We also would like each family to provide a short paragraph expressing their gratitude to their child’s teacher and anything that might highlight the special ways the teacher has helped in supporting learning. We will display all the wonderful words and experiences that our families are sharing, so please be sure to come back and check out our “We Love Our Teachers” wall all week long. Please complete and return the flower petal (click here to download and print) by Tuesday, May 3rd. 
  • May Parent Workshops: 
    • Pre-K - May 3rd
    • Kindergarten - May 17th 
    • First Grade - May 8th 
    • Second Grade - May 17th 
    • Third Grade - May 3rd
    • Fourth Grade 0 May 8th 


Upcoming Events

  • Lighthouse Boat Tour

    PS 59 (31R059) - The Harbor View School
  • PTA Fitness Party!

    Get ready for a fun-filled dance fitness party and mindfulness yoga relaxation. This event is open to everyone, friends and families are all welcomed!

    $5 entry to win door prizes and giveaways!


    PS 59 (31R059) - The Harbor View School
  • School Closed: Memorial Day

    School Closed: Memorial Day

    PS 59 (31R059) - The Harbor View School
  • PS 59 The Harbor View School

    Coffee & Conversations

    PS 59 (31R059) - The Harbor View School
  • Non-Attendance Day for Students

    Clerical Day, K­–5, K–6, 6–8, and K–12 schools and D75 programs, students in these schools do not attend. 


    PS 59 (31R059) - The Harbor View School
  • Non-Attendance Day for Students

    Anniversary Day, Chancellor’s Conference Day for staff development, students do not attend

    PS 59 (31R059) - The Harbor View School
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School Year 2022-2023 Admissions Information

  • Admissions for SY 2022-2023

School Polices & Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Information for School Year 2021-2022


  • Our school day is from 8:00am-2:20pm. Any student that arrives after 8:00am, must enter through the main entrance with their parent/guardian.  The parent/caregiver must escort their child inside of the building and complete a late pass located at the security desk. The child will then be escorted by a school staff member to their classroom.
  • Please remember to have your child’s NYC DOE health screening completed every morning and show confirmation on an electronic device (i.e. phone / ipad) or print out paper confirmation and give it to staff when entering the school grounds. 
  • Our school doors for Kindergarten through 5th grade morning arrival open at 7:45am and close at 8:00am: 
    • Kindergarten & 2nd Grade - Enter through door 3 (side entrance left of main entrance - ferry side)
    • 1st Grade - Enter through door 2 (side entrance right of main entrance - schoolyard side)
    • 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade - Enter through door 1 (main entrance) 
  • Our school doors open for 3-K & Pre-K students at 7:55am. Parents/Caregivers will escort their child into the building through the playground entrance. This door will close at 8:05am.

Dismissal/Early and Late Pick Up:  

  • Our school day ends at 2:20pm. 
  • Students will be escorted by their teachers to their designated cohort area in the school yard beginning at 2:15pm. 
  • Caregivers should enter the schoolyard through the Richmond Terrace or St. Peter’s Entrance and wait near their cohort area to pick up their child. Please remember to wear your face masks on school grounds. 
  • Changes in Dismissal: Refrain from frequently changing your child’s dismissal routine. This confuses the child and increases the risk of errors in your child’s dismissal. We understand that occasionally this cannot be avoided, so we ask that you send a note to the teacher informing them of the change of dismissal. ALL CHANGES IN DISMISSAL MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. NO EXCEPTIONS. In the event of an emergency, please follow these steps:
    • Call the main office at 718-390-2190 x0
    • Follow-up with an email (ps59@theharborviewschool.org )  and/or fax (718-390-2195). The email and/or fax should contain the following: full name of student, their class/teacher, the name of the person who will pick the child (please make sure they have proper identification). This person must be listed on the EMERGENCY INFORMATION BLUE CARD (DOE policy), concluding with the parent’s signature for identity purposes.
    • We cannot release your child to a minor (anyone under the age of 18).
  • Early Dismissal (Early Sign-Out):  Please send a note, email, fax or phone the main office to let us know you will be picking your child up early from school. To maintain order and to ensure the safety of all children, NO child will be dismissed between 1:45 pm and regular dismissal at 2:20pm (except in cases of emergency). During this time children are summarizing the day and preparing for the following day.
  • Parent Lateness at Dismissal: Children who have not been picked up on time will be brought to the auditorium. Parents/caregivers will be required to sign their child out in the “late book” as parent lateness is recorded. Please keep in mind that consistent lateness can be upsetting for the child and is disruptive to the staff. As always, in an emergency, please call the main office and explain your lateness and we will be happy to work with you and care for your child.
  • Dismissal during inclement weather only (rain, snow or extreme wind/temperatures):
    • Pre-k and Kindergarten students will be dismissed through the playground exit - Door 4.
    • First grade students will dismiss through door 2 (right of main entrance - schoolyard side)
    • Second grade students will dismiss through door 3 (Ferry side of main entrance) 
    • Third grade will dismiss through Door 1 (the main entrance)
    • Fourth grade will dismiss through door 7 (Ferry side of main entrance) 
    • Fifth grade will dismiss through the door 8 (playground side of main entrance)

As per department of education COVID 19 safety guidelines, no students or staff will be admitted to the building without completing a daily health screening or who has been found to have fever. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 718-390-2190.


Please save this link to complete your daily health screening: