Parent Teacher Conferences - 3/4/2021

Join Us on Thursday, March 4th for our Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held via zoom:

  • 12:30pm-2:30pm – by appointment only
  • 4:30pm-7:30pm – by appointment only

Schedule an appointment online by clicking the link for your child's class below.

PTC will be approximately 10 minutes, If you feel you will need additional time with your child’s teacher, please schedule a meeting with them directly for another day.


3K - Ms. Gina (In-Person)

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4K - Ms. Adele & Ms. Korraine (In-Person)

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3 K & 4 K Group D (Remote) 

Ms. Mayra & Mr. Nadel

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Group A & B (In-Person)

Ms. Salamon & Ms. Percoco: 

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Group D (Remote)

Ms. Buono - Register Here

Ms. Ms. Oliveras - Register Here

1st Grade

In-Person - Ms. Brady & Ms. Fabiano

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Remote - Ms. Maddocks & Ms. Beitchman

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2nd Grade

Ms. Cassanelli & Ms. Oyefeso


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Ms. Spence & Ms. Azzopardi


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3rd Grade

Group A & B 

Ms. Wheeler:

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Group D

Ms. Rodriguez & Ms. Viola:

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4th Grade

In-Person - Ms. Iandolo & Ms. Hermida

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Remote - Ms. Caccioppoli & Ms. Tillery

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5th Grade

Ms. Leshi & Ms. Mattarelliano

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Ms. Miller & Ms. Sydow:

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Related Services

Ms. Cirillo:

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Ms. Stein-Ballow:

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Ms. Tracey & Ms. DeBono: 

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Helpful Hints For PTC

Please review information regarding Report Cards, Parent Teacher conferences and My School Account. Here is a copy of the presentation (Coffee October 2017.pdf ) and handout ( PTC Handout.pdf ).