Fifth Grade

                           5th Grade Promotion Party - Brushy Creek MUD

Learning Share

Personal/ In Class Supplies

Donations for in class use


 Copy Paper

Paper Towels 

Cleaning Wipes

We are no longer able to utilize communal supplies. 

For safety reasons, each student needs to have their own supplies.

  • Earbuds or Headphones
  • Pencil case
  • Sharpened Pencils 
  • Pens
  • School bag (large enough to carry personal supplies)
  • Sweater/sweat shirt 

Suggested Supplies for at home use




Glue Stick /liquid glue 

Construction paper 


Welcome to 5th Grade


September, 2021

Welcome back, Fifth Grade Families!

Wow.   Fifth Grade. We made it. It’s so exciting to be back in person, full speed ahead. This year will be filled with hands-on activities, interesting field experiences and project based activities in our Harbor View Community.  

As a part of our “core community”, students will start and end their day in a positive way with their core classroom teacher.  They will remain with their core class for the entire day but will be provided many opportunities to interact with fellow fifth graders.

In addition to our core classrooms, we are thrilled to have Science with Mrs. Maddocks, Visual Arts with Ms. Chedhadi and Physical Education with Mr. Nadel.

Your student’s success will be based on a cooperative parent-teacher relationship which we greatly appreciate and look forward to.  Your dedication and enthusiasm really make a profound difference in our school community!  Together, we will make this a wonderful year for your child.  

We will continue to foster your child’s curiosity, promote their problem solving abilities, encourage positive self-esteem and help them thrive socially in true Harbor View style.   Our educational experience ranges from Pre-K to fifth grade and we are well prepared to support your child at this developmental stage of their education and happy to contribute to their academic, social and emotional growth.

The moment the children enter their new classrooms, they will automatically feel that sense of belonging.  We are a school community where your child will receive loving support as their classroom becomes their “Home Away From Home.”  

We are available to talk or meet with you about concerns or questions you may have.  The D.O.E. has set aside  Tuesdays after dismissal for Parent Time. Please, call (#718-390-2190), email ( , , ),  or send a note with your child and we will make arrangements to meet.

Throughout the year, you also check out our 5th Grade page where you can find helpful information such as home-school connections, and Learning Share Dates.!  

 We look forward to sharing these special days together and making beautiful memories in fifth grade.

Yours truly,

                                         Mrs. Matt, Mrs. Tillery, Mrs. I & Ms. O


Teacher Contact Information


You can contact us via email at anytime. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible during regular school hours. 

Mrs. Matt:

Mrs. Tillery:

Mrs. I: 

Ms. O:

Home School Connections

Wow, it's November already!!!

If you didn't bring in your headset yet, please bring one as soon as you can. 

Here are our HSC for November. Remember choose activities that support your learning.  Repeated or continued activities are okay too! The amount of points for each activity are listed at the top, left corner of each box. 

Remember you should aim to read for at least 20 minutes every night. 

For fun, keep track of your points.  Let’s see if you can score more than 100 points!!!


Write three fraction word problems about  the last time you ate at  a restaurant. In one  problem your solver  should have to add the  two fractions and in the  other two problems they  should have to multiply  the two fractions.  Include an answer key. 


Write a short  narrative  describing the most  important way that  Native Americans  have impacted the life  of Americans today.  Use paragraphs. 


Write an  algebra  expression that includes  addition, subtraction,  multiplication, division  and a set of  parenthesis. Then write  a short paragraph that  tells the story of the  expression. The short  story should have a  science theme.


Write a four  stanza  poem poem about  herbivores, carnivores  and omnivores that  includes a simile or  metaphor for each  type of organism.  Also add an  illustration with your  poem.


Write a one  page thank you note to someone you are thankful for (for example: parent, grandparent, teacher).   Include at least ten  prepositions in your  note. Add illustrations. 


Draw an  Illustration of  the type of housing a  Native American tribe  in your state might have  used. In the illustration,  estimate the degrees of  all of the angles in the  illustration and label  them. 


Write a one  and a half  page story about the  family who hated  turkey and tried to  convince all of the  other Americans to  eat peanut butter  sandwiches instead.  Add an illustration.  


Make three  input/output tables with different  rules. Include at least  five numbers on each  table to represent the  x and y. Then create  one graph to  represent one of your  input/output tables.  


Research an important event from the Revolutionary War. Record ten causes and effects from the event in an organized manner. Then also identify a theme for the war event that you chose. Record all of this information neatly.


Brainstorm a list of 15
foods that might be
served at a Thanksgiving meal.
For each food item, determine
what metric and standard
measurement unit each item
would most likely be sold in at
the grocery store. Draw a quick
illustration of each meal item
with your list.

20 F





    W  R  I  T  E


Write a one page
opinion essay
about every Stating your opinion as to
what you think is the most
important issue in our country
today that we need to work
on to become a better
nation. Make sure your
essay is organized and you
defend your reasons.


Write a ten page story book that
includes a title page and

The story should be about a community who went
to every effort to keep winter from entering their
community. Everyone in the community was
allergic to cold weather. Make sure your story
book has proper grammar, punctuation and
spelling. Bind your pages together neatly.
Humor is welcome.


Brackets and parenthesis are really
important when solving algebra
expressions. Write a practice exercise for your
classmates in which they must solve fifteen
algebra expressions with parenthesis and/or
brackets. Include an answer key with your
practice exercise. It should look neat and

Curriculum Night Presentation