Fourth Grade




Curriculum Night Presentation

Classroom Donations

This year our school provided students with many supplies. In addition, we are accepting the following donations:

  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Clorox wipes
  • Hand sanitizer 

Thank you!

Welcome Message

Welcome to 4th Grade! We are all so excited to be able to be back in the building and together in our 4th grade classrooms! We know that with your support, this school year will be a success for all students. This year our 4th grade teacher team will consist of Whitney Miller , Antonella Caccioppoli, and Diana Ferrara. Our paraprofessionals are Christine Viola, and Stacy Roberts-Johnson. While this year might seem different from recent years, our mission remains the same. We will continue engaging our students with a project based approach and maximize our classroom experiences with hands-on and technology supported experiences. We can't wait to have a fabulous year! 


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us via email during regular school hours.

Ms. Ferrara (310):

Ms. Miller (312):

Ms. Caccioppoli (304):

Home School Connections

November 30th - December 23rd

1. Read for 20-30 minutes each night and log (here is a log that you can print at home to use  Reading Log.pdf )

2.  HSC ELA 11_20-12_23.pdf 

Attached are the articles (explained in the HSC document and their matching activities)

 Colonial Jobs.pdf 

 Colonial Homes.pdf 

 Traveling in Colonial Times.pdf 

 What Colonists Ate.pdf 

 School During Colonial Times.pdf 

 Colonial Children.pdf 

Unit 3 Math

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As we enter unit 3, Multiplication will be the base of the rest of this year. We understand that there has been a gap of information that has been lost due to covid, and are giving you some websites to use at home as resources should you choose.

Please do not be overwhelmed, we are all trying to pace ourselves and so, you being a part of this journey will only help and aid in your child’s growth.

Please note that all these sites are free and can be used for multiple grade levels and topics.

Please practice fact families and the times tables here are some resources to help:


Thank You,

The 4th grade Team