Pre-K 4


Welcome To Pre K

We are so excited to be in Pre K.  We will have so much fun exploring different centers and making new friends.  Please send in a family photo if you have not done so already. We will be accepting donations for a class snack. Please note that all snacks must be individually wrapped and must not contain peanuts.  


Contact Information


Ms. Adele:


School Number: 718 390 2190

Unit 2: Trees

This unit will focus on all the aspects of trees.  We will talk about all the different parts of the tree.  We will also discuss different types of trees. We will be talking about all the different ways we can use trees as well.  We will be taking part in many nature walks and even adopting a tree in our school community.  If you find yourself outside exploring with your child, please feel free to send in any tree artifacts you may find. Happy Exploring!