Fourth Grade


Save the Date!

Attention 4th Grade Families!

Parent Workshop - May 10th at 3:00

Please use the following link/meeting ID and code to join us:

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Welcome Message

Welcome to 4th Grade! We are all so excited to be able to be back in the building and together in our 4th grade classrooms! We know that with your support, this school year will be a success for all students. This year our 4th grade teacher team will consist of Whitney Miller , Antonella Caccioppoli, and Diana Ferrara. Our paraprofessionals are Christine Viola, and Stacy Roberts-Johnson. While this year might seem different from recent years, our mission remains the same. We will continue engaging our students with a project based approach and maximize our classroom experiences with hands-on and technology supported experiences. We can't wait to have a fabulous year! 


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us via email during regular school hours.

Ms. Ferrara (310/312):

Ms. Miller (312):

Ms. Caccioppoli (310/312):

Curriculum Night Presentation

Classroom Donations

This year our school provided students with many supplies. In addition, we are accepting the following donations:

  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Clorox wipes
  • Hand sanitizer 

Thank you!

ELA Home School Connections

March 1st - March 31st

1. Read for 20-30 minutes each night and log (here is a log that you can print at home to use  Reading Log.pdf )

2.  _HSC ELA 3_1_22-3_31_22.pdf 

Activity Links:

Fugitive Slave Acts Activity

 Fugitive Slave Acts.pdf  

Fugitive Slave Acts Activity.pdf 

Underground Railroad Activity

 Underground Railroad eBook.pdf  

Underground Railroad Response.pdf 

Why Did Slavery Happen Activity

 Why Did Slavery Happen Response.pdf  

Why Did Slavery Happen eBook.pdf 

Math Home School Connections

For the months of Jan/Feb students will be working on long division and multi-functional word problems. All students should have their workbooks at home and should be working on the same lessons at home. These would be in chapter 5,6,7,. 

For each unit there are resources centers and games that students can login at home should they choose.

Please visit with your child the google classroom for these resources for math. Because we are currently all dealing with some struggles of COVID, being absent and getting tested, there will always be math work posted in the google classroom.

If your child is in class 304/310 Please email Ms. Caccioppoli directly for math questions

Unit 5 Math - Division

 Indiana Stds Practice Page 1.png  

Indiana Stds Practice Page 2.png  

Indiana Standards Practice - division


There will be an assessment on Friday, January 7 that includes division strategies and word problems.                                                            

MONDAY #1 A & B 

Write multiples of 2, 3, 4 in your notebook up to 15 places 

(2, 4, 6, …. Until you have written 15 numbers)

TUESDAY #2, #3 A & B

Write multiples of 5, 6 and 7 in your notebook up to 15 places 

WEDNESDAY #4, #5, #6

Write multiples of 8, 9 and 10 in your notebook up to 15 places 


Write multiples of 11 and 12 in your notebook up to 15 places