Our Mission

Our school prides itself in the diversity and individuality of our learning community.  We are relentlessly committed to meeting the needs of our students, staff and families by making purposeful decisions about the school environment and curriculum.

Through our project based approach, children will develop the skills of investigation, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and creativity 
while exploring the richness of one of the most amazing cities in the world-New York City.  It can begin with our youngest learners and continue to grow up through the grades, starting with the student's immediate neighborhood, then city, state, country and world.

Our child-centered curriculum and learning experiences coupled with the valuable partnerships and organizations and families will support students in developing academically, socially and emotionally.

Our Core Values

  • Respect and Caring-We believe in a caring, respectful, nurturing community where everyone has a voice and is celebrated for their unique skills and talents.
  • Exploration and Discovery- We believe that students learn best by doing; experimenting, discovering, interacting with real materials and by having many authentic experiences with people and places to make connections to their own learning.
  • Collaborative- We believe in working with others as we question, think, and find answers.
  • Investigation and Questioning- We believe in the process of learning that occurs naturally when engaging in investigation and experimentation through questioning and research.
  • Reflective- We believe in being reflective in our daily practices, actions, words and beliefs.
  • Intentionality- We believe in planning, being thoughtful and purposeful in everything that we do and say.