Absences / Illness

Regular attendance is critical for a child’s self esteem and academic success. If your child is absent, please provide the teacher with a note of explanation. All absences are recorded. Absences can be recorded as “excused” if a doctor’s note is submitted as well as a note for religious observances or death in the family; however the absence will still remain on your child’s attendance record. Parents can access their child’s attendance by inquiring with the classroom teacher or by logging on to schoolsaccount.nyc 
If Your Child Is Absent...
You should call the school to report an absence, especially if your child is in an upper grade. These students frequently come to school alone and we want to be certain parents are aware their child is not in school. Students in all grades should return to school with a note from their parent.

If your child has been out of school with a contagious disease (such as chicken pox, strep throat, scarlet fever, pink eye, etc.) your child must return with a doctor’s note. 

School Hours / Arrival and Dismissal

PS 59 School Hours are 8:00am - 2:20pm

School Cancellations and Delays:  The Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education determines school closings and delayed openings by 6:00 am. Parents can find updated information by checking the DOE website (http://schools.nyc.gov), by calling 311 or by listening to local news radio (1010 WINS), local TV stations or cable channel NY1. Any school closings will effectively cancel all field trips and after school programs.

Attendance and Lateness Procedures

Effective use of time is a priority at PS 59. All students are expected to consistently arrive at school by 8:00 am. It is important that parents help their children develop the habit of arriving to school on time. Students who are late miss important instruction and morning routines and disrupt these activities for others. Families can access their child’s attendance by inquiring with the classroom teacher or by logging on to mystudent.nyc 

Students who are late should enter the school through the front door and receive a late pass at the security desk or main office (after 8:00 am).  Students will be marked late on their attendance record.  This information is part of the child’s permanent record, which follows the child throughout his/her public school career. Students are to present this pass to their classroom teacher as they arrive. If a student comes to class late without a late pass, the teacher will ask the child to go downstairs to the security desk or main office to receive one. All children who are late MUST have a late pass. Teachers will keep these passes on file for the remainder of the year. 

Parents are expected to pick up their child on time each day. Children who have not been picked up on time are brought to the Main Office. Parents who are late will be required to sign their child out in the “late book” in the main office when they pick their child up. Please keep in mind that consistent lateness can be upsetting for the child and is disruptive to the staff. If an emergency situation arises, please call the main office and explain your lateness and we will be happy to work with you and care for your child.

Nurse's Office & Medication

A full-time Department of Health nurse is located within the school. If a child is ill or injured during school hours, he or she will be sent to the nurse’s office. 

Should your child require regular administration of medication, (i.e. use of an inhaler or epi-pen for emergency use), a parent must complete and submit a Medical Administration Form 504 available from the school nurse. Neither teachers nor the school nurse may dispense any medications unless the student has a “504 form” on file. 

If your child needs any medication, please speak with the school nurse. If your child has a medical problem such as asthma, please also inform the classroom teacher directly so that s/he will be aware of any medical needs your child might have during the day.

Requesting A Meeting With Your Child's Teacher

Making an Appointment With Your Child's Teacher

When there is something you wish discuss with your child’s teacher, please: 

  • Write a note to the teacher requesting a time to meet. 
  • If the teacher doesn’t respond to your note promptly, please leave a phone message for the teacher in the main office. 
  • If you still need assistance reaching the teacher then contact the Main Office at 718-390-2190 who will help to arrange a mutually acceptable time for a meeting between you and your child’s teacher.
  • You may also contact your child’s teacher via email about a non-urgent matter, using their DOE address which can found in the resource section of this handbook.