Senior Celebration - June 14th

Date: Wednesday, June 14th

Time: 9:00am 

Location: PS 59 The Harbor View School 

Theme: 70’s Theme!

Tickets: Four per student. 

Important announcements regarding the day of Celebration:

  • Tickets are required for all attendees of Celebration - guests are to at least 16 years or older
  • Students are to arrive at school at 8:00am. It is very important they arrive on time as they will have many things to do that morning to prepare for their Celebration. 
  • Student Dress Code: Dress to Impress! Please have your child dress their best for the Ceremony - they will NOT be wearing caps or gowns. We are asking that students do not wear graphic tees or clothing with logos.

Senior Picture Day - Monday, March 6th, 2023


Senior Pictures - Monday, March 6th

All 5th grade students will be photographed for the yearbook (purchase of senior package not required) 

Please have your child dress their best for their senior picture, they will NOT be wearing caps or gowns.

The photos will be taken from the waist up. We are asking that students do not wear graphic tees or clothing with logos. 

www.YearbookInnovation.comOpens in a new browser tab 

1) Click on Order MYPHOTO and enter Keycode (Pre-pay code) :  5th Grade Senior Photos - PS59GRAD23

2) Parents can click on the active gallery to view and purchase our picture packages and items. 

3) Print or email (ps59@theharborviewschool.orgOpens in a new browser tab) the receipt of the online order or write the confirmation number on their order form. 

Please feel free to contact PTA or Yearbook Innovations if you have any questions.   

Yearbook Innovation | School Yearbooks & Video YearbooksOpens in a new browser tab 

Yearbook Innovation produces high quality high school yearbooks, video yearbooks and school memory products We guarantee savings up to 20% and more on all of our yearbook and school memory products. 

www.yearbookinnovation.comOpens in a new browser tab 



It's time to start looking for photographs to be included in your child's yearbook. We will need individual as well as group pictures. 

For through the years pages: 

In order to be sure each child appears in the yearbook with their friends from PS 59, we need your help gathering GROUP pictures of your child and their friends from K­-5th grade. Pictures can be from Halloween, Field Day, Family Picnic, field trips, concerts, etc. The pictures should be from school events. We can not guarantee every photo will be used in the yearbook, but want to have as many as possible to choose from so we can make sure each child is represented. 

Please email photos (.JPG or .JPEG files) with your child’s name and Student Page Pictures listed in subject line to:

For your child’s Individual 2-Page Spread


Please submit 1 - 8 photos for this section. The photographs on this page can include family and friends. Please email photos (.JPG or .JPEG files) with your child’s name and Student Page Pictures listed in subject line to:

Your message to your child: Please complete this form( to send a message of well wishes, advice, favorite poem or phrase to include for your child’s page FROM YOU! Please note space-- if it’s too long, it will be printed real small! 4-5 lines is a good amount.

Message from Your Child about themselves: Please have your child complete google form,

Ways to submit photos:

    • You can email photos (.JPG or .JPEG files) with your child’s name and class number and event to: FirstNameLastName312.jpg; FirstNameLastName312-Spooktacular.jpg; FirstNameLastName312-K.jpg; FirstNameLastName312-2nd.jpg)
    • If you need photos scanned, please place in envelope with: Your name and email; child’s name, class number and attention “Yearbook- KD” and turn in to the main office directly. PLEASE DO NOT BACKPACK THIS IN. You will be contacted when photos are ready to pick up.


Senior Trip

TBA ...... 

Senior Activities & Dues


Senior Activities: 

2022-2023 Senior Dues are $150. They include the following:

  • Yearbook
  • Senior Shirt (will be receiving on Friendsgiving) 
  • Senior Celebrations: Friendsgiving in November 2022, Senior Breakfast in June 2023
  • Senior Fun Day (aka Senior Trip - student voted)
  • Senior Week Events - June 2023

School Funded: 

  • June 14th Celebration: Materials and Musicians supporting celebration program.
  • Senior Pop-Up Dance - 70’s Theme 

Senior Expenses - Estimated:

Yearbook $   52.00

5th Grade T-Shirts $   10.00

Friendsgiving $   13.00

Senior Trip $   55.00

Senior Breakfast: $   10.00

Senior Week Activities $   15.00

Total Estimated Expenses: $150.00

2022-2023 Senior Due payment schedule: 

The dues can be paid in full or in four (4) installments. 

  • January 15th 
  • February 15th 
  • March 15th 
  • April 15th  

All payments MUST BE received by 5/01/2023 for us to make final arrangements for the activities. Please make payments online through the PS 59 PTA website ( and note that they are for SENIOR DUES. If for any reason you need financial assistance, please contact Kristen Druda, Parent Coordinator. We look forward to a great year of celebrating the Class of 2023.


Volunteers Needed

Help! We need your assistance to create amazing senior memories!

We are looking for parent volunteers to assist with June activities. If you can help, please contact Ms. Ferrera,  Ms. Tillery, Ms. Winston or Kristen Druda, Parent Coordinator 718-390-2190 x0

More Information Coming Soon

SENIOR FIELD TRIP: Details to Follow