Fifth Grade



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Friday, April 29, 2022

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Teacher Contact Information


You can contact us via email at anytime. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible during regular school hours. 

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Spring: The Season of Sneezing!

Tissues and paper towels are always appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Fifth Grade Field Experiences

Special Thank You ♥ to our PTA and Ms Kristen for all their hard work securing field experiences for us.

Please make sure permission slips are returned promptly. Busses and lunches need to be ordered.

Here are the ones we have planned to date.  As always, things are subject to change. Thank you!



Tues, May 24, 2022 

Noble Museum ** We will be eating lunch on site.

Fri, May 27, 2022

McKee Partnership/ Media Arts ** We will return to school for lunch.

Mon, June 6, 2022 

Wed, June 8, 2022

Fri, June 1, 2022

Mon, June 27, 2022

Atlantic Salt  ** We will return to school for lunch.

5th Grade GRADUATION Celebration

FUNSTATION!!! ** We will be eating lunch on site.

Last Day of School for Students


Home School Connections

From now  until the end of  May, choose activities that support your learning.  Repeated or continued activities are okay too! The amount of points for each activity are listed at the top, left corner of each box.  For fun, keep track of your points.  Let’s see if you can score more than 150 points!!!


Remember you should aim to read for at least 25 minutes every night


Complete Envisions workbook pages or in the online version from Chapters 14, 15, and 16 or create similar problems of your own related to these topics


Read for 30 minutes and complete a book response of your choice: ie. summary, poem, illustration, song, diorama, brochure, book review, research paper, letter to the author, prequel or sequel, newspaper ad, comic, etc. Don't forget a Bookworm piece!


 Write 4 word problems with a summer theme in which the solver would have to complete multiple operations to find a solution.  Include an answer key.


 Write a four stanza poem about the Harbor.  Within your poem, include at least 2 idioms and add an illustration.


Pretend your entire school year was made into a novel.  Write a summary of this novel that includes  the title, description of characters, plot, conflict, solution, theme, mood and tone. 


Draw an illustration of what your dream house or boat would look like.  On the boat or house, label and estimate the degrees of all the angles.  Add details to your house or boat illustration to make it unique.


Write a one page story about the students who didn’t want the school year to end so they replaced all the calendars and other antics at the school to keep the year going.  Add humor and an illustration.


Make a math dictionary including important vocabulary words, illustrations and examples for your favorite math topics this year.  


Research an amusement park in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania.  Write a 2 page report on the amusement park that includes at least 10 mathematical facts with numbers.  Include at least 3 illustrations in your report.


Write the lyrics to a song teaching others about the life of a 5th grader.  Your song should be at least 2 pages long with at least 8 verses.  You can choose any musical genre ie. rap, blues, jazz, hip-hop, rock, country, etc. to represent your song.  If you prefer, you can create a dance for your song too!






(ie. playing a math board game, activity from a book or online site like Prodigy, First in Math, GoMath or Kahoot.)










You have been asked to create the ultimate summer camp for 5th graders.  Create a brochure that you will give to campers.  This brochure should include the name of the camp, a daily schedule of events, a list of the activities that  campers can choose from, a list of meal choices and the types of supplies and clothing campers should bring with them.  Include illustrations or paste magazine, newspaper or online images to your brochure.


Create a 2 page practice activity for incoming 5th graders entitled “What Every 5th Grade Mathematician Needs to Know”  (or create a catchy title of your own).  This activity should include at least 4 words problems along with other math practice focusing on decimals, fractions, algebra, geometry or any other math concept you learned this year.  Be sure to include an answer key.

Curriculum Night Presentation