Fifth Grade

New York State Exam Information

The New York State ELA, Math and Science Exams will be converting to computer based testing over the next three years. This year, Fifth graders will be taking the state exams on the computer. On January 22nd, we will run a state-mandated computer simulation to test our network and the computer programs in our building. This is a non-evaluative simulation allowing the Harbor View School testing team and the city-wide assessment support network to ensure everything will go swimmingly on the day of the exams. In addition to this simulation day, we will have the students take mock exams using the system to help them feel more comfortable and familiar with the computer programs.

The 5th grade State Exam schedule is as follows:

  • ELA Computer Based Test - Grade 5: April 16 & April 17
  • MATH Computer Based Test - Grade 5: May 13 & May 14
  • Science Computer Based Test - Grade 5: May 16
In the next few weeks you will receive more information about the exams and ways to support your child at home to prepare.

Welcome to Fifth Grade!