Message about Remote Learning Days - 12/4/2023

Dear Harbor View School Families,

New York City Public Schools (NYCPS) are dedicated to ensuring that every student can learn uninterrupted, including during disruptions caused by building closures. To accomplish this goal, we want to make sure that our students and staff are prepared for successful remote learning. NYCPS has developed a practice plan to support and improve schools' readiness in the event a transition to remote learning is necessary. PS 59 has been selected to participate in the first round of tech readiness activities on December 6, 2023.

What does that mean for your child?

  • Your child will still come to school. In school, there will be at least one period where the teacher will engage the students in a digital activity to ensure that all students understand how to log on to a device and to their digital accounts.
  • In addition to the in-class activity, the teachers will assign a short task for students to complete at home. Please ensure your child completes the digital activity at home.
  • If your child does not have access to personal internet-enabled device at home, please complete our “Snow Day Survey”: https://forms.gle/az5cwG5EMrGVGSWZA (if you already completed this survey over the weekend – Thank you)
  • Families who completed survey and are in need of a device, will have a device sent home with their child on 12/6/2023.
  • Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Druda, Parent Coordinator.


Hanin Hasweh

Weekly Updates - 12/1/2023


Technology Survey - Remote Learning Days

As the weather gets colder, we are preparing for our possible "Winter Snow Days" of remote learning.

In the event of an official NYC DOE snow day and students need to log into remote learning, please let us know if you will need a device for your child to use at home.

Please complete this technology survey you only need to complete one survey per family. ( https://forms.gle/pUhRWpM3mBuX9Ucq7


  • My Brother's Keeper presents SUPER Reader's United - Thursday, December 7, 2023 at Port Richmond High School from 5:00 – 8:00 PM - RSVP: bit.ly/SuperReaders128 
  • Support our school's Title 1 funding by completing your family income form: www.myschoolapps.com


  • EXTENDED for Let's Move Donations - 12/15, Support our school by registering your child and participating in our PTA's fundraiser. All funds raised support our schools in-school enrichment and field experiences. www.theharborviewschool.org/letsmove 

HVS Electronic Bulletin Board

As of today, Wednesday, November 21st we have raised: $12,545!

We are less than $6,000 away from our schoolwide goal.

We havedays left to reach our school wide goal of $18,000, the money raised from this fundraiser will pay for our student's field experiences and in-school enrichment programs. Please help us reach this goal, so we can continue to support our The Harbor View School's philosophy and ideals. No donation is too small or too large, every DOLLAR counts. 

We reached our $10,000 school-wide mark and will celebrate with Cozy (PJ) Day: Students will dress in their most coziest clothes on Friday, December 1st!

Click here to view our google photo album shared by the PTA Volunteers and teachers.

Classroom Leaderboard as of 11/22/2023

Classroom Total Raised Amount Needed To Receive ICEE PARTY  Amount Needed to Receive - Popcorn & Movie Party
4-312Opens in a new browser tab $2,230.00 YOU DID IT!  YOU DID IT! 
5-302Opens in a new browser tab $1,354.00 YOU DID IT!  YOU DID IT! 
1-203Opens in a new browser tab $460.00 YOU DID IT!  $215.00
4-310Opens in a new browser tab $770.00 $30.00 $430.00
K 107Opens in a new browser tab $1,400.00 YOU DID IT!  $400.00
K/1-115Opens in a new browser tab $410.00 $90.00 $340.00
3-214Opens in a new browser tab $855.00 $45.00 $495.00
2-209Opens in a new browser tab $645.00 $5.00 $330.00
3K 102Opens in a new browser tab $480.00 $220.00 $570.00
1-205Opens in a new browser tab $730.00 $370.00 $920.00
5-303Opens in a new browser tab $585.00 $415.00 $915.00
3-212Opens in a new browser tab $540.00 $360.00 $810.00
K 108Opens in a new browser tab $365.00 $185.00 $460.00
4K-105Opens in a new browser tab $238.00 $362.00 $662.00
2-211Opens in a new browser tab $362.00 $638.00 $1,138.00
4K-104Opens in a new browser tab $295.00 $155.00 $380.00
3/4-204Opens in a new browser tab $85.00 $365.00 $590.00

Field Experiences!

Field experiences are an important part of our curriculum and your child’s education. The experiences are used to enhance the units of study. We will plan many experiences for the calendar year. Some experiences are planned well in advance and other trips have a shorter information turn around period.  

  • Our Field Experiences are a mandatory part of our curriculum. 
  • Family chaperones will be selected by lottery for each experience. Please complete this form ( https://forms.gle/XkgodfiBZ1V9Sqe68 ) to be entered into the lottery. 
  • Our school requests a traveling NYC DOE school nurse to attend every experience, but unfortunately, they cannot always accommodate our requests. If your child has a 504 please see the main office for further information on our policy for when a school nurse cannot attend.
  • Regardless of the type of experience, it is not permissible for students to meet at or be dismissed from a site other than the school.. 
  • Please see our Family Handbook for more details regarding field experience expectations and chaperone requirements.